September 2004 Print
Pie Club Meetings 2004

Meeting Saturday 4th September 2004

World Events

Terrorists Hold More Than 1000 Hostages In School In Russia.

More Than 323 Hostages Dead Many 100's Injured Many Raped, Starved Of Food & Water.


Rooney Goes To Manchester United (Football).

England Draw 2 - 2 With Austria (Football).

Olympic Medal Team Come Home To Celebrations In The Street.


Andrew Jones




Hughes Farm Shop

Michael Thewlis

Stuart Booth's

All Pies Served With Mushy Peas For Mark Thewlis 50th Birthday.

Marks Received By All 10/10

Meeting Saturday 11th September 2004

World Events

Three Years Since Twin Towers.

Hurricane Ivan Destroys Parts Of Jamaica.

Bomb In Jakarta.


England Beat Poland 2 - 1 (Football).

England Hammer Zimbabwe (Cricket).


Bob I Love Waite's.

Score 8.0

Peter Grand, Waite's Pie.

Score 8.0

Phil Oval Pies Are Nicer Than Round Ones.

Score 8.0

John Never Thought They Were Waite's, Oval Pies Nicer, Tastes Of Pernod, Peppery.

Score 8.5

Kevin I Like Oval Pies, Nice Amount Of Jelly, Peppery, Damn Good PIe.

Score 8.0


Fetcher Kevin

Fetch Waite's

Price 62p

Average 8.1

Meeting Saturday 18th September 2004

World Events

Batman Storms Buckingham Palace Fighting For His Rights As A Father.

Hurricane Ivan Continues To Wreak Havoc.


Para Olympics Start.

Ryder Cup Starts.


Kevin Pastry Thick, Tasty Jelly.

Score 8.0

Bob An Absolute Delight, I Liked Everything.

Score 8.5

Peter Apology To Make, Didn't Enjoy It, Not To Sure About His Sanity.

Score 6.0

John Rough In Appearance Lovely Jelly, Pockets Of Jelly, Porky.

Score 7.5


Fetcher John

Fetch Parfits

Price 65p

Average 7.5

Meeting Saturday 24th September 2004

World Events

Brian Clough Dies (Is This Meant To Be In The Sport Section?).

Second American Beheaded.

Ken Biggley - Moves To Save Him.

Lib Dems Plan To Be The Oppersition.


England Beat Aussies (Cricket).


Pete Soggy Pie, Soggy Pastry, Jelly In Pastry, Inoffensive, Sad.

Score 5.0

Mark Spicey Meat, Damp, Yesterdays Pie, Flavoursome, Not Good Husbandry.

Score 6.0


Fetcher Mark

Fetch Cryer's (Ovenden)

Price ??p

Average 6.0