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Pie Club Meetings 2007

2 June 2007


Litvenyenco suspect will not be sent back by Russia

Tony Blair’s farewell tour continues.

School children to be told not to put hands up in class.

Teachers can now search for knives




Frankie Deltorri wins Derby at 5 -4

Premiership wages reach £19 million

Coldest day in test match cricket in Leeds this week.

England v Brazil 1 – 1





Phil – Alien looking pie, fresh, thin pastry,not much taste.   6


Bruce – Strange looking pie,pinkish,thin tasty pastry      7


Fred  -    Egg custard look, jelly on top of pie.No flavour to meat.Dry pastry.   6.5


John – Reminded me of old age pensioner ! Dry but soggy pastry.Solid meat lacked spice.


Tim – Pathetic custard pie. Did not taste or look like a pork pie.  4


Steven ( Butcher) – Dreary appearance,quite liked it. Commercially a good pie but not from this area. Natural seasoning,rough cut meat.      7



Mark – Bakers pie, crispy on top, fresh lacked seasoning    6


Amanda  -   Did not like jelly on top. Liked pastry


Peter – Lake of jelly on top not to my liking. In need of more flavour. 6



World Events


25 years since the Falklands War


150 UK soldiers have now been killed in Iraq.


Russia threatens new cold war


Scottish Mountain is 16 inches too short to be a mountain. Foirnhaven is now a hill


Pork pies make a national come back. Everybody is trying them says Tesco


Paris Hilton goes to jail, released and sent back again.


40th anniversary of the Israel 6 day war




England beat Estonia 3-0 Beckham set up two crosses .John says “ that is what he is paid for”


England cricket team on verge of beating West Indies at Old Trafford.






Crisp fresh pastry, well filled , not much flavour in pastry,salty, lean and well ground meat. OK 6.5




Fresh, crispy pastry. Solid meat that needed jelly. Good husbandry, pie at a good temperature for a warm day.   7




Rough and ready pie. Fresh,crispy pastry. Jelly everywhere! Plenty of salt and tasty. 7.5




Fresh, crisp pastry. Heavy pie, full of meat. No jelly, moist meat, well kept. Too salty. 8.5




Slightly soggy pastry. Tasty meat.  7




Fresh, well filled,crisp pastry, salty meat. Lacked spice.  8



Source – Dave Todd’s of Bingley. Cost 75 p. Average = 6.7








World Events


Most popular name in UK  is Jack followed by Mohammed!


Olympic logo costs £400,000


Michael Barrymore arrested in connection with death in his swimming pool


Wettest June on record!




Louise Hamilton wins his first formula one event


Lord Stevens report criticises Football agents.






Certainly different, doubt if it is a port pie. Needed a poppdom and a chapatti with it! A good starter for an Indian restaurant.  8




Pork pie with curry and chucky like pedigree chum. Crispy pastry.  9




A pork pakora ! Wished it was warm. Moist and very tasty.  8




Had rising damp, rotting from the bottom up. Tasty and chunky. A novelty pie. 6.5




Fresh, white meat ! Enjoyed it.  7




Cat food, never pork ! Liked the pastry. 3




Chicken with curry powder !  2




Chunky pork with lots of spice. A winter pie. Tasted better than it looked. 7.5


Average 6.2 Source – Anton from Halifax. Donated for us to taste.



30 June


World Events


Gordon Brown is the new prime minister.


Last Saturday for smoking in public buildings


Postal strike starts


Worst UK floods in living memory with M1 closed for 2 days in case a damn breaks in South Yorkshire


2 car bombs in London and Glasgow




Ricky Hatton wins again.


Jane Tomlinson (cancer patient) organizes Leeds 10 km






Strange complexion, thick pastry on top. Tasty jelly course meat, fresh. 6




Thick pastry. Average sort of pie 5




Fresh, shallow filling of meat. Sour meat 6.5




Tasty with good afterburn 6.5




Crisp top,good jelly. 7




Nice meat.  8


From the Pantry at the Rams Head Denshaw.  Average 6.5 Price not recorded.


Source – Shackleton’s of Clitheroe,Lancashire.   77p