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Pie Club Meetings 2008

Pies 4 Oct


World Events


USA 700,000 $ financial rescue goes through the Senate.


Prince of Darkness – Peter Mandelson back in Government


Steve Fosset’s plane found.


OJ Simpson guilty of theft.


Woman with MS wants clarification in the High Court on assisted suicide.


Ian Blair London’s Police Commissioner goes after Major Johnson lost confidence in him.




Man United win in Europe.


15 year boy to play for Barnsley


Jo Kinear managing Newcastle and utters 46 expletives in 6 min. interview.




David (guest)


Not enough salt, enjoyed it though.   7.5




Soggy bottom,salty,lots of jelly,full,firm,crispy top. Too small. Liked it. 8.5




Nice sunburnt colour,cold, well filled,salty course meat. Lacked pepper. Pastry crunchy in places   7.5




Shallow,tarty looking,cold,bland,lardy,fatty,jelly on one side     6




Right size of pie,fresh,good meat. Good amount of jelly   8




A weight watchers pie. Crisp pastry in parts. Bland meat in need of spice. Too cold. Jelly all on one side.    7




Fresh, needed more pepper, small but perfectly formed. Crispy pastry,nice colour.


From Warmsley of Ramsbottom   70p

11 Oct 2008-10-11



World Events



Financial Armagenon. Where will it end?


John gets knocked off is bike.


Calderdale Council get out of IceBanke in time.


Sarah Palin Vice President candidate sacked police chief who would not sack policeman was estranged husband of her sister.


USA remove North Koria from terrorist list.








England beat Kazakhstan 5 -1 England Rugby League beat Wales 74 -nil



Timeform owner Reg Griffen dies at 79








Lardy pastry, salty, pretty good pie 8




Soft pastry, bit of jelly,smell of meat good. Needed more pepper.  7.5




Good looking, fresh, pastry too short and fatty, some grizzle,little bland  6.5




Uniform looking pie, well filled, pastry was short and lardy inner,heavy pie,no jelly but moist   8






Pastry too thick, soggy bottom, lardy, meat firm, needed more pepper. 7




Todd’s of Scirket Green – Andrew Jones  £1

25 Oct 08



World Events


Mandelson, Osbourne,Rothchild and Russian Gangster in trouble over alledged funds for Tory party and inappropriate dealing.


Stock market going lower still, pound falling fast.


Ryan Air cancel 70 flights a week to Valencia, Spain


Barnsley BS absorbed by Yorkshire BS.




Hull City joint top of Premier league. Beat West Brom.


Andy Murray in another Tennis final


Ricky Hatton is fighting in Nov and needs to give the booze.






Very fresh, moist ,lovely pork and jelly.  8




Burnt pastry, void in pie. Flavoursome jelly. Meat not mixed properly some peppery some bland  6.5





Lovely fresh pie,pasty a little overcooked. Not filled to the top. Lovely jelly. Nice meat. 8.5




Very fresh,tasty, lovely jelly, A little burnt but I liked it. Peppery .A cracking pie 9



Average 8. From Michael Thewlis of Golgar