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Pie Club Meetings 2008

Pies 26 July

World Events

Labour loose Glasgow by election with 22% swing.

Canoe couple go to jail for 6 and ½ years.

Karadic former Serb leader captured .after 13 years

Quantas plane makes emergency landing after a hole appeared in the hold.

100 years today that the Model T was first produced

Mick Jaggar is 65 years old today and leaves EMI. Record

EU to ban the measure of acres.


Max Mosley gets damages for Nazi orgy claim by New of the World

Louise Hamilton wins German Grand Prix

Irishman (Harrington) wins British Open 



Huge pie, thick crumbly pastry, fresh . Tasty jelly. Meat needed more seasoning.  7.5


Flashy and expensive looking pie. Thick pastry. Not much jelly. Pleasant meat. Fresh Needed  more spice.  


Unique looking pie. Crunchy pastry. Tasty meat.  Needed more spice. 7


Different looking pie. Crispy pastry. Lardy on the inside. Meat mushy at first but got firmer. Home made pie. 4


Thick,hand crimpted castleations. Thin pastry. Big pie, lots of bland meat, lots of jelly,fresh, liked it     8.5


Big ,thick soft pastry, nice jelly, lovely meat, nice smell to meat. Short of pepper.  6

From Toppings of Ramsbottom,   95p Ave