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Pie Club Meetings 2008

Pies 6 June  2008



World Events


Pete Waterman did not turn up for the pies!


Pringle inventor buried in a Pringle tube


Yves St Laurent died at 71 years.


TVR founder died this week


Lord Saville of  Rufford died aged 89 ( Savile Park Halifax)


Britain’s oldest man is 112 years. He was a founder of the RAF


Oil has gone up to 139 $ a barrel.


Sausages down to 2p each at Asda


Conservative Party Chairman got caught paying her Nanny from expenses.





New Approach wins the Derby.


Euro 2008 starts today.


Mark Hughes Blackburn Rovers manager goes to Man. City







Fresh, crispy pastry,nice aroma, meat lacked something.  6.5




Small pie,crunchy pastry. Well filled,tasteless. 6.5




Crispy,fresh., pink coloured meat. Not much taste. Not well filled. 6.5




Fresh,thin crunchy pastry, moist, well flavoured with pork,did not need spice. 9.5




Nice pie, slightly lardy. Meat was tasty . 8




Good husbandry , well glazed fresh medium size. Nice jelly. Meat was a bit spongy and lacked spice.  8




Well presented pie. Lovely pastry, lacked spice but porky.   8



Mark (fetcher)


Crispy pastry, so fresh , tasty jelly. Small pie and needed pepper.   8.5



Warmsley’s butchers of Ramsbottom    70p  Ave Mark 7.7

Pies  21 June 2008-06-21


World Events


Caretaker sues school because he fell of a ladder because he did not have sufficient training.


British Standards Institute want trees in gardens inspected every year. Chances of dying from a tree fall are 1 in 2 million and 6 deaths a year.


Gordon Brown asks Saudis to produce more oil.



Scotland are offering £12.50 a week to stop smoking.


Scots want off licences to stop serving people under 21 years.




Turkey 1 – 0 down against Croatia with 1 min to go. Equalised in last kick of match and then won on penalties.



England beaten by New Zealand in Rugby


Kahn will win the match to night by knockout say Richard,Mark  and Peter





Fresh, crunchy rather short pastry. Well filled, tasty, granular meat but looked like a coral reef. Not much jelly. Pepper in the last few bites.  8





Pastry a bit heavy going. Moist tasty porky meat. 8









Crisp crunchy short pastry. Granular pastry. So granular it fell apart. No spice.  Tasty      7.5






Heavy pie, well filled, tasty          8






Fresh,short and crunchy pastry. Granular pepples of meat surrounded by jelly. Like a Sunday Roast. Tasty.  I think it is H Weatherhead and sons of Pateley Bridge pie. Enjoyed it    8





Not a lot to be added.  People were queuing for this pie. Too short pastry. Meat was very granular. No jelly.      6


Source : Bruce was right. It was H Wetherhead of Pateley Bridge.


Ave. 7.6 Price 90p