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Pie Club Meetings 2009

1 August 09

World Events

Yorkshire Day. Joanna Lumley mobbed in Nepal .

 Government decides the army do not have enough helicopters.

Stock market has best week for years

Brown and Blair will take the stand on Iraq War Enquiry

Swine flu may have been beaten

Basque Separatists target Majorca


Bobby Robson dies at 76

S.Africa beat NZ at rugby

Test match wash out after great day on Friday

Schumacher back for Ferrari



Small spicey, lots of jelly but tasteless, tasty meat but only a tiny amount. Fresh but soft pastry. Good effort but too small 7


Small, soft pastry burnt bottom, spicy but needed more pepper,lots of jelly.  6.5


Small,greasy, sweet tasty meat,well seasoned fresh.      7


Small soft, sad pastry lots of jelly moist meat,spicy compact. Tasted better than it looked   7

80p form from Marshalls of Clayton,Bradford Ave 6.9

Pies 29 August

World Events

American girl missing(from age 11) for 18 years found alive and with two children by her capture.

Edward Kennedy Senator dies at 77 years.

Writer of Da Do Ron Ron and Do a Didi Didi Didi Do dies this week.

Mini 50 years old

40 years since beetles stopped playing.


16 year old completes sailing around the World

Warrington beat Huddersfield in Rugby Challenge Cup.



Bonny looking pie, horsechestnut finish, sweet jelly, peppery meat,well filled, A pie to eat everyday.   8.5


Not a bad pie, pastry bubbley on top, nice meat and jelly, a bit lardy in taste.  Fresh 7.5


Crispy thin pastry. Well filled.Fresh  had two, really enjoyed it  9

£1 Brosters of Huddersfield