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Pie Club Meetings 2009

Pie Meeting Saturday 7th November 2009

World Events

5 British solders killed in Iraq by Iraq policeman. 13 American soldiers killed by Muslin psychologist. 

MPs expenses row goes on. MPs say they do not have to accept it.

BA have lost £240 million and Ryan Air made a similar amount.

Euro lottery £90 million and 2 Brits have won it!


Johnny Wilkinson back with England .

Leicester Tigers beat South African Rugby tea.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Man  Utd throught  to next phase of Champion League.


Peter   Shallow, pale, not much jelly, fresh crispy thick pastry. Not much spice.

Score   7.0/10

Phil   Pale, soggy and some crunchy bits. Felly inside and out. More pepper than salt.

Score   4.5/10

John   Pale, jelly on outside, Lancashire chip shop pie. Not sure it was pork.

Score   3.5/10

Kevin   Undercooked. Too much jelly on outside. Bland tasteless meat. Fresh.

Score   2.5/10

Rihcard   Cold jelly, like a custard tart, Meat acceptable but compressed.

Score   5.0/10

Mark   Needed more salt, fresh, crispy in parts, undercooked.

Score   6.5/10


Fetcher   Mark

Fetch   Ham Corner in Todmorden.

Price   75p

Average   4.8

Pie Meeting Saturday 14th November 2009

World Events

Last night of the Blue Ball Inn Norland.

The Sun castigate Gordon Brown for misspelt letter.

Glasgow by election – Labour win.

BA and Iberian Airways merge.

First year of no 1st World War Veterans not in the parade.


Burnley drew with Man City 3 – 3

David Haye is Heavy Weight Champion of the World after beating 7 ft  23 stone giant from Russia.

England beat Argentina at Rugby. Loose to Brazil at footbal.


Mark   Soft  pastry, needed polishing, looked like yesterdays pie. Loads of flavour,tasty jelly that was runny.   Salty.

Score   6.5/10

Bob   Soft, loads of jelly, spicy enjoyed it.

Score   7.5/10

Peter   Dry, thick pastry, Granular meat and the granules were not bound together too well.

Score   5.0/10

Phil  Yesterday’s pie. Jelly was not set. Did not like it . Salty granular meat.

Score   6.0/10

John   Soft pasty, lots of jelly, very salty, granular grey meat, spicy. Enjoyed it.

Score   7.0/10

Kevin   Yesterdays soft pastry, thick pastry, granular meat not held together. Salty,spicy.

Score   7.0/10


Fetcher   Kevin

Fetch   Carrols of Newsome Huddersfield.

Price   £1.00

Average   6.5