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Pie Club Meetings 2009

Pies 18 July

World Events

Oldest man in the world and World War 1 survivor died this week 113 years

Oldest women to get pregnant dies at 68 and the twins are 2 years.

Famous conductor and his wife commit suicide in Switzerland

Swine flu claims 29 lives to date.

40 year anniversary of the moon landing


Tom Watson doing well in the British Open at Turnberry. Tiger Woods misses the cut for second time in his career.

England doing well in second Ashes test.

Tevez finally goes to Man City for £25 million +



Good looker, thin crispy pastry. Tasty well ground porky meat. Liked it  8.5


Well filled, lots of jelly, top notch 8.5


Good looker, well glazed and filled.  Flavoursome meat. Fresh  8.5


Rustic looking and shiny glaze, thin and soft pastry, lots of jelly. Course soft peppery meat, liked 8


Fresh tasty well filled and Brosters   from Huddersfield  9

Ave 8.5 and cost £1

Sharlands of Paddock  £1.08p     Ave 6.4