November 2003   




Artisan Class


1st Honley Village  Butchers – pork, chorizo, goats cheese & sweet chilli sauce 
2nd Keith Dyson – full English breakfast
3rd Honley Village Butchers – pork, chicken & stuffing
4th J. Thomas of Helmsley 
5th E. Middlemiss – pork, stuffing & Yorkshire chutney


Traditional Class


1st Hoffman’s of Wakefield 
2nd Wilson’s of Crossgates, Leeds 
3rd Broster’s of Lindley, Huddersfield.
4th Honley Village Butchers, Huddersfield.


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Pie Club Meetings 2003

Meeting Saturday 2nd November 2003

World Events

I.D.S Ousted Out.

Cruise Liner Unable To Dock Due To Tummy Upsets.

Paul McCartney To Be A Father Aged 61.


Australia Beat Ireland 17 - 60 (Rugby).

Lennox Lewis Retires.


Phil Devon Pie On Tuesday, Fatty, Could Not Eat It.

Score 1.0

John Big Pie, Rat Run, Use As Fishing Bait, Gristly, Bit Of Meat.

Score 2.0

Kevin Not A Very Good Pie, Bland, Tasteless, Old.

Score 1.5

Bob Great Fun, Crap Pie.

Score 4.0

Richard What's Worse Pie?, Cigar?, White Meat With A Hint Of Pink.

Score 2.0

Peter Pork Pie For Vegetarians, Decent Flavour.

Score 2.0

Mark No Comment.

Score 2.0


Fetcher Mark.

Fetch Anderton (Bradford)

Price 45p

Average 2.1

Meeting Saturday 8th November 2003

World Events

Prince Charles What Has He Done ?.

Young Pupil Stabbed To Death In Lincolnshire School, A Fellow Pupil Aged 15 Charged With Murder.

A Man In The USA Admits 47 Murders.

Kevin (Pork Pie Club Member) Did His First Interview On Solent Radio.


Scotland Lose To Australia 33 - 16 (Rugby).

Wales Shake Up All Blacks.

Tim Henman Victorious.


Richard Fresh As A Daisy, Lovely Pink Meat, Spicy.

Score 9.5

Mark No Comment

Score 9.0

John Had It Before, Course Meat, To Much Jelly, Well Seasoned.

Score 6.5

Bob A Good All Round Pie, Fresh.

Score 7.5


Fetcher Bob

Fetch Waites.

Price 60p

Average 8.1

Meeting Saturday 15th November 2003

World Events

Countess Of Wessex Gives Birth To a Baby Girl.

Horizon Programme Reported That We Are Entering A New Ice Age.

Synagogues In Turkey Blows Up.


Scotland Beat Holland 1 - 0 (Football).

Australia Beat New Zealand 22 - 10 (rugby)

England Beat France 24 - 7 (Rugby).

Alan Smith Pulled Out Of The England Team For Throwing A Plastic Bottle Into The Crowd.


Kevin Thin Crunchy Pastry, Pink Fresh Tasty Meat, Spot On Pie, Really Enjoyed It.

Score 9.0

Peter A Delicious Pie, Crispy Pastry, Tasty Meat, Would Love To Have Another And Deserved Another Mark.

Score 8.0

Tim Crispy Crunchy, Nice Jelly, Course Meat, Great Pie.

Score 8.5

Phil Crispy Well Filled, Pink Tasty Jelly, Big Hole In Top Of Pie, Good Pie.

Score 7.5

John Not Good Looking, But Well Filled, Salty Jelly Lacked Pepper, Fresh Pork, Enjoyed It.

Score 8.0


Fetcher John

Fetch Metcalfe's Of Cleckheaton

Price 63p

Average 8.2

Meeting Saturday 22nd November 2003

World Events

British Consulate Bombed.

Michael Jackson Arrested.

John F Kennedy Assonated 40 Years Ago.

Royal Footman Daily Mirror Correspondent.


England won the Rugby World Cup with a breathtaking Jonny Wilkinson drop goal just 26 seconds from the end of a thrilling final in Sydney.

Millions watched around the world as captain Martin Johnson became the first player to lead a northern hemisphere side to the world title 20 - 17.


Mark Nice Meat

Score 8.0

Guest Salty.

Score 9.0

John Crispy Pastry, No Jelly, Loaded With Salt And Lard, Where Did The Lard Come From, Smelt Porky.

Score 7.5

Kevin Short Pastry, Sweet Jelly, Firm, Tasty.

Score 7.0

Richard Dry, Fresh, Massive Void.

Score 6.0

Bob Dry, Not Fresh, No Jelly.

Score 7.0

Peter Bought Andrew Jones Pies, Solid Fresh, Not Standard Of A Champion Pie Maker.

Score 8.5


Fetcher Peter

Fetch Andrew Jones.

Price 70p

Average 7.5

Meeting Saturday 29th November 2003

World Events

Al Queda Suspect Arrested In Glouster.

Royal Baby Named Louise.

Queens Speech Student Fees To Go Up.

Using A Mobile Phone While Driving Will Be Illegal From Dec 1.

Tony Blair Appears On The Simpson's.


Sven Is Offered Extension To His Contract.

David Beckham Gets The Gong OBE.

Jonny Wilkinson Offered £13 Million To Join American Football.


Mark Meat Smelt Nice, Very Dry No Jelly, Yesterdays Pie, Lacked Pepper.

Score 6.5

Phil Old Pie, Well Filled, Needed Jelly, Pink Meat, Has Potential.

Score 5.5

John Pasty Looking, Fresh, Pastry Sad, Pink Meat, Smelt Porky.

Score 8.0

Tim Bereft Of Jelly, Bakers Pastry, Meat Filled With Something.

Score 7.0

Syd Liked The Meat, Lacked Jelly, Stale Pastry.

Score 6.0

Richard Nice Meat Soft Pastry

Score 8.0


Fetcher Richard

Fetch ?

Price ?p

Average 5.8


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