January 2017   




Artisan Class


1st Honley Village  Butchers – pork, chorizo, goats cheese & sweet chilli sauce 
2nd Keith Dyson – full English breakfast
3rd Honley Village Butchers – pork, chicken & stuffing
4th J. Thomas of Helmsley 
5th E. Middlemiss – pork, stuffing & Yorkshire chutney


Traditional Class


1st Hoffman’s of Wakefield 
2nd Wilson’s of Crossgates, Leeds 
3rd Broster’s of Lindley, Huddersfield.
4th Honley Village Butchers, Huddersfield.


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Pie Club Meetings 2017

Pie Meeting Saturday 7th January 2017

World Events
Huddersfield gangster shot at Jct 24 by Police with 3 shots through windscreen. 
West Yorkshire is now crime capital of the UK according to Yorkshire Evening Post.
Florida shooting of 5 people at Airport with gun in his luggage.
European negotiator for Brexit has resigned.
Footsie is at a record high.
Man City 5-1 against West Ham. 
Man Utd scored against Reading and Rooney equalled Bobby Charlton’s record for goals.
Howard   Thick soft pastry, quite tasty, tidal wave of jelly. Tasty meat. Not much spice.
Score   7.0/10
Kevin   Crunchy pastry, very fresh runny sweet jelly. Lovely pie. Grange’s best.
Score   9.0/10
Richard   Ultra fresh, champagne of pies. Ended up with gravey on my jeans!
Score   9.0/10 Would have been 10 if bigger.
Mark   Crispy nutty pastry. So fresh jelly had not set. Coarse tasty meat. Lots of flavour.
Score   ??/10
Tim   Small  but tall pie. Crisp pastry, granular meat.
Score   7.5/10
Peter   Cracking pie. Crunchy pastry. Good looking pie.Tasty meat and flavoursome  jelly.
Score   9.0/10
Fetcher   Peter
Fetch   Granges of Slaithwaite.
Price   £1.25
Average   8.7

Pie Meeting Saturday 14th January 2017

World Events
Teressa May tells GPs they need to provide care when patients need it as in at least 5 days a week. 
One week before Donald Trump becomes President of USA.
Tristan Hunt Labour MP resigns to become V&A director.
Floods on East Coast and ship sinks in North Sea.
Graham Taylor former England manager dies at 73.
Richard   Flattered to deceive, big good looking but once you got into it it was disappointing. Greasy not fresh. Crispy but not thin. Nice Castellations.
Score   5.0/10
Mark   Nice crispy pastry. Well glazed. Needed more jelly. Compact meat.
Score   7.5/10
Howard   Good looking pie. Nice glaze, fresh nutty pastry. Nice jelly. Tasty meat but chewy and compact.
Score   5.0/10
Peter   Great presentation, good husbandry, good looking. Crispy pastry. Well filled. Tasty. An excellent pie.
Score   8.5/10 
Tim   Good sized, well finished pie. Well packed with meat. Fresh pie, meat coarse and compact. Needed more spice.
Score   7.5/10
Ollie   Golden top steep sided. Crisp fresh pastry, Nice even jelly, coarse compact meat. Lacking in spice. Enjoyed it.
Score   9.0/10
Fetcher   Ollie
Fetch   Gledhill’s of Wakefield.
Price   £1.25
Average   7.0

Pie Meeting Saturday 21st January 2017

World Events
Trump inauguration for president held on Friday and he said he will make America Great again.
Paul McCartney going to sue Sony for the rights to his songs that he sold many years ago.
Italian avalanche – 10 found alive after 40 hours. 23 still missing.
Martin McGinnis has retired from politics.
Teressa May gives her plan for Brexit and we will come out of the of single market.
Last man to walk on the Moon has died.
Hampshire farmer comes second in round the world yacht race.
Huddersfield Town second in the league.
Richard   Nice big pie. Pastry was a bit pale. Pastry a little chewy, coarse meat. Needed more pepper but liked it. Fresh.
Score   7.5/10
Mark   Big hefty pie. Dry tasteless pastry. Lot of runny jelly. Meat was bland.
Score   6.5/10
Tim   Good sized but pale looking. Pastry was lardy and too sweet and undercooked. Nicely spiced meat. Needed another 20 min in the oven.
Score   ??/10
Peter   Big fresh pie. Not much jelly but that is way I like it. Chewy meat. A good tasty pie.
Score   8.0/10
Fetcher   Peter
Fetch   H Copley of Golgar.
Price   £1.35
Average   7.3

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